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Providing committed help and support

Offering opportunities, promoting skills, alleviating poverty – Messer’s social commitment has many facets.

Messer is active for other people, both as a company and on the initiative of members of staff. The common desire is to share knowledge and prosperity.

The commitment to education and economic cooperation features prominently: Messer supports university research projects through donations, scholarships and sponsoring, supplies the necessary welding gases for welding competitions and the work of artists, and promotes international training programmes.

The personal commitment shown by the Messer staff is particularly impressive as it cannot in any way be taken for granted. Be it taking part in sporting events for a good cause, organising and supporting relief efforts or actually going to disaster areas to provide assistance.

Further information on the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for society can be found here.

Aktives gesellschaftliches Engagement
Relief action for Southeast Europe